“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. —Marcel Proust

I strive to see through "new eyes" in every moment. Eyes for the things people do when no one else is looking. The eccentricity in the commonly overlooked. It comes in small interactions, subtle expressions, an object or a pattern of behavior, a fleeting moment or exchange. I work to see and capture these pure life moments, to create photographs that reveal something otherwise lost.

Street photography is equal parts observation and documentation. It’s also a very personal process. I feel responsible for the honest portrayal of the city and the people I’m photographing. I'm always aware that it is their moment and their environment that is the starting point for the photographs I make. The goal of my work is to inspire others to have "new eyes" in their everyday lives; be it with a camera or without. See the world for all of its perfect, ephemeral moments. 

For inquiries: mark@markroudebush.com

Mentions / Exhibits

Black and White Exhibition 2017 - Group Show
Center for Fine Art Photography

Reflect & Engage: Exhibition 2017- Group Show
The Image Flow Gallery

Open Show SF 2015

VSCO Grid  2014

VSCO Grid  2013

Forage Press / Oct. 2014